"Biotech Talks", our brand new Tiamat blog

We are launching our blog "Biotech Talks"! With this blog, we would like to share with you professionals point views coming from the biotech industry, public research, health authorities, open-source community!

Have a look at it: www.biotechtalks.co

In this blog we gather the voices of industrials, scientists and biotech actors to show you the diversity of the unknown biotech world. They will talk about practical problems as shortage or regulation and about values as open-source and gender diversity. By the unity of industrial insights and philosophical point of views, we wish to inspire you to create new businesses and new ways of doing science. Innovation is our biggest power and there are still many things we can improve to build our future. Tiamat Sciences is a biotech company, we are producing safe & animal-free plant-based recombinant proteins for many applications in sciences. Our mission is to help replace animal-based raw materials or components in science, for a safer and more ecological world. Our vision of the future is definitely animal-free!