Raw material shortages in cell & gene therapy - #BiotechTalks

A Biotech Talk with Nadège Grabowski, Healthcare team leader at ZAZ ventures

Shortages in raw materials have a big impact on the manufacturing process and unavoidably as well on the end-user, in this case, the patient. Raw materials can be anything used in the process ranging from pipets over bioreactors, as well as organic materials. We interviewed Nadège Grabowski, who worked for several years in cell & gene therapy.

Do raw material shortages happen often? I can’t make a statement as to the entire market, but in my experience, in the last 3 years, I had to deal with shortages twice for 2 different raw materials.

"If it is something that you cannot change, You can’t do anything, it stops the manufacturing activities."

How do you react when this happens? Unfortunately, there is not much you can do when this happens. You can check whether the supplier can procure the materials from a different production site. The best thing you can do is to plan for shortages before they happen because (…)

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