Tiamat 2050 - animal-free recombinant proteins & therapeutics

In 2050, we picture Tiamat as a global network, gathering dozens of local companies operating in various ecosystems. From the regional franchised production facility to the main pharmaceuticals productions hub, our organic organisation will allow us to answer our clients/patients needs while insuring a maximum efficiency in production, flexibility in the company management and a maximized profitability. Our future pipeline will go from proteins as raw material to vaccines, with a focus on the specific needs of every client clusters. Beyond our products, this is the “protein as a service” philosophy that will make us unique. Integrated production centers, customization, co-created facilities with governments or NGOs… Tiamat aims to offer a brand-new modern and ethical perspective in the healthcare industry.

Our future ecosystem:

Integrated production units Those tailored-made production units will be created to answer partners needs from universities to public laboratories, hospitals or private companies.

Local production facilities Regional production facilities focusing their activities and product development regarding their environment. Can be franchises or own by Tiamat.

Mobile production facilities Temporary production facilities that can be deployed to test a new market or sent to fulfil special goals like medicines production in a country with few equipment’s.

Country main offices Main production facilities for vaccines & therapeutics, training & management of local structure, technology & knowledge gathering for the whole group.

Headquarter Thinking head of the company, managing & monitoring the whole activity, gathering know-how and innovation from other Tiamat’s structures, staff training…