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Feasibility studies

We can help you lower your production biomolecule percentage, using our PlanTech technology.

Production outsourcing

We’ll provide an annual subscription of the proteins we developed for you. 

Facility set-up

We install the facility, give you proper training and provide support with certification.


And when you’re ready, we’ll handle licensing so that you can use our platform at your site.


From proof of concept to production

We partner with innovative biotech companies and provide them with animal-free growth factors, plant-based cytokines, enzymes for mRNA synthesis, and more.

Growth factors for cultured meat

Safe and animal-free with GRAS certification in progress. Available in batch size from mg.

Cytokines for cell & gene therapy

Pharmaceutical grade cytokines, free from endotoxins and pathogens.

Enzyme for mRNA synthesis

Highly cost-effective for use with mRNA synthesis platform.

Our proteins

We have several recombinant proteins in our catalog, and we develop custom proteins for various companies. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Join the protein revolution

Our Services

We work closely with our clients to optimize production at every scale. Let us know how we can help your project grow.

Feasibility studies

We can help you lower your production costs with more affordable biomolecules manufactured with our PlanTech technology.

Subscription model

Order batches of the proteins you need, and we deliver the batches directly to your doorstep.

Facility set-up

Looking to internalize production?

We design and install facilities and can provide training & support with certifications.


With our licensing services, you produce the biomolecules you need and manage the entire process.

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