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Empowering the 
biotech revolution

Tiamat Sciences is a plant-based platform and product life sciences company that is revolutionizing the production of reagents.


Innovative, effective, and sustainable 

We enable our partners to create innovative therapies while also lowering their costs, compressing development timelines, and decarbonizing the supply chain.

We grow

Next-generation proteins for the next generation of Biotechnology.

You thrive

From the early stages of R&D to a production platform, scaled for you.


Cheaper than the current market

Up to

Our plants provide

Growth factors, cytokines, enzymes, and high value, animal-free proteins. Defining a new standard in safety and sustainability.

To make
biotech better

From proof of concept to production, we support innovation and research in all areas of healthcare and  medicine.

Our Mission

Expanding the potential of plants as bioreactors to revolutionize the development of reagents. 

Cell Therapy



Where we fuel innovation

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