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Feasibility studies

We can help you lower your production biomolecule percentage, using our PlanTech technology.

Production outsourcing

We’ll provide an annual subscription of the proteins we developed for you. 

Facility set-up

We install the facility, give you proper training and provide support with certification.


And when you’re ready, we’ll handle licensing so that you can use our platform at your site.

Our Platform

Empowering the protein innovations with plant molecular farming

Our versatile production platform uses the transient expression, vertical farming and a data-driven approach to develop and produce a new generation of proteins.


And we do it much faster and cost-effective than other platforms.

Our proteins

Recombinant protein reinvented: we design a new generation of animal-free biomolecules that suit your needs.


From growth factors to antibodies, we manufacture a wide range of proteins.


From GRAS to GMP, we know your regulatory needs and work with you to meet them.

Plant Derived

Endotoxin & pathogen-free, high activity, and more! Discover the most advanced animal-free platform.

Join the protein revolution

Your production

We grow recombinant proteins from R&D to the mass market, defining a clean production process, whether you’re lab-scale or large-scale.


We can build and scale a  facility in no time and develop a new protein in just a few months.


Our facilities are modular, using a versatile platform designed to grow with you.

Cost effective

We make your production costs cheaper without a compromise in quality.

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